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Temperature coefficient for cast and sintered Alnico 5 6 8

Alnico magnets are one of the older magnetic materials, having been designed before the Second World War and further developed by 1970, this material has some very good properties, Alnico has a very high Curie temperature (Tc) of about 840°C and an induced temperature coefficient of -0.02°C, which is lower than any other common material.

There are three types of Alnico: cast, sintered and bonded. Cast Alnico magnets are the most common, and cast Alnico5 is the most common grade of Alnico.

Sintered Alnico is not commonly used due to the cost of molds, which make it more cost-effective for medium to high volume production, and has lower magnetic properties and is limited to simpler shapes.

The following chart shows the Alnico 5/6/8 temperature coefficient table;

Alnico 5/6/8 temperature coefficient table

Above is about casting and sintering Alnico 5/6/8 temperature coefficient table introduction, need to order Alnico permanent magnets welcome to contact Courage magnet manufacturers for your quotation.

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