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Factors affecting the price of bonded NdFeB magnets

Bonded NdFeB (neodymium) magnet is one of the commonly used magnet types in the field of motors, electrical appliances, sensors, medical devices, automation equipment, etc. It is often found in multi-pole circular epoxy coated, and its price is concerned by many purchasers who want to know what factors will affect its price.

I think there are mainly 4 points, such as the cost of raw materials, magnetic properties, size and shape, magnet supplier professionalism, I will expand on these points below.

1, The cost of raw materials

This is very good to understand, the price fluctuations of raw materials will affect the cost of bonded NdFeB, the price will also be affected.

2, magnetic properties

With sintered NdFeB magnets, bonded NdFeB also has a lot of performance level grades, high magnetic properties of the material is usually higher prices, such as BNP-12, the surface magnetic strength will be higher.

The accompanying pictures are hollow cylindrical bonded neodymium magnets.

hollow cylindrical bonded neodymium magnets

3、Size and shape

The size and shape of bonded NdFeB will also affect the price. Larger sizes and complex shapes require more materials and processing techniques, so the price is relatively high.

4、Magnet supplier professionalism

Professional bonded NdFeB suppliers due to large supply, the cost can be controlled lower, at the same time, will also have a lot of molds, it is possible that elsewhere need to open the mold in their place can save mold fees, fixture fees, unit price is also lower.

Above is the introduction of the price of bonded neodymium iron boron by which factors, our company is a professional motor magnet manufacturers, in addition to bonded neodymium magnets, but also can provide injection molded ferrite or injection molded neodymium iron boron, sintered multi-pole radial ferrite, etc., such as you need samples, please contact with us, wechat, phone, online, email with you.

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