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How are bonded neodymium magnetic rings magnetized?

Bonded NdFeB magnetic ring is a commonly used permanent magnetic material, pressed by NdFeB powder and binder mixture, to multi-pole magnetization, widely used in generators, motors, sensors, automation equipment, medical equipment, etc. Today, this article takes you to understand how it is magnetized.

The magnetization method of bonded NdFeB magnet ring is as follows:

1、Prepare the magnetic field equipment

Ensure that the magnetic field equipment is working properly, and the magnetic field strength can meet the magnetization requirements of bonded magnetic rings.

2、Place the magnetic ring

Place the bonded NdFeB ring to be magnetized in the magnetizing position in the magnetic field equipment (multi-pole NdFeB ring needs special magnetizing fixture).

Molded Bonded NdFeB Magnetic Rings

bonded neodymium magnetic rings

3、Apply magnetic field

Start the magnetizing equipment to generate magnetic field and pass the magnetic field line through the ring (the size and direction of the magnetic field should be adjusted according to the specific ring and application requirements)

4、Complete magnetization

Remove the magnetized bonded NdFeB ring to complete the magnetization process.

It should be noted that the magnetized bonded NdFeB should not be close to strong magnetism, which will affect and destroy the magnetic pole distribution of the bonded magnetic ring. When carrying out the operation, you should follow the corresponding safety norms and operate in strict accordance with the instructions for the use of the equipment and magnetic ring.

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