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Why don't you need NdFeB magnets for fixed frequency motors?

Why do fixed frequency motors not require neodymium iron boron magnets? I just encountered this issue. Below is a brief introduction from the Courage permanent magnet manufacturer on this issue.

Fixed-frequency motors usually do not use NdFeB magnets because their working principle and application scenarios are different from those devices that require high-performance magnets. Fixed-frequency motors are a kind of motors powered by AC power, and their working principle is to generate a magnetic field in a coil through electric current, and to interact with the magnetic field in order to generate torque.

NdFeB magnets are a very powerful permanent magnet material and are commonly used in motors and generators that require high efficiency, high performance, and high torque. These applications often require high power output in small motor sizes or higher efficiency and performance. NdFeB magnets provide a high magnetic energy product, allowing motors to produce larger magnetic fields and higher magnetic forces in smaller sizes, thus improving motor performance.

Dc motor commonly used neodymium magnet rectangular/arc

Dc motor commonly used neodymium magnet

However, fixed-frequency motors are typically used in applications that do not require high performance and efficiency, such as ventilation fans, pumps, blowers, conveyor belts, etc. These motors do not require high torque or high speeds, so they are often designed with conventional iron core motors instead of using NdFeB magnets. Conventional iron core motors may be better suited for these applications in terms of performance and cost because they typically do not require high performance permanent magnet materials.

In general, fixed-frequency motors typically rely on electromagnetic principles to generate magnetic fields and mechanical motion rather than permanent magnets, so they do not require NdFeB magnets. Conversely, types of motors such as permanent magnet synchronous motors typically use permanent magnets rather than fixed frequency motors.

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