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Why Use Arc Shaped Magnet on BLDC Motor?

There are many different types of magnet shapes, why are curved magnets (tiles) mostly used in brushless DC motors, today we would like to introduce you to some of the advantages of using curved magnets.

1, Arc magnet can reduce the air gap between the magnet and the stator, increase the magnetic flux between the two, its shape allows a unique power flow continue to promote its application in motor products.

2, Arc magnet in the motor at high speeds, airflow vibration and motor changes less, more stable, more efficient, better performance in brushless DC motors.

3, Compared to traditional linear magnets, arc magnets can provide greater magnetic field strength for a given size, thus increasing the motor's power output. This is important for applications requiring high power output, such as electric vehicles and wind turbines.

Brushless DC Motor Arc Magnet Type

BLDC Motor Arc Magnets

4, Because curved magnets provide higher magnetic field strength, motors can be smaller and lighter while maintaining the same output power, which is useful in applications with limited space and weight requirements.

5, The design of curved magnets helps to improve the dynamic response of motors, making them more suitable for applications that require rapid acceleration and deceleration, such as robots and flying machines.

6, The shape of the curved magnet can be adjusted as needed to achieve the desired number of magnetic poles. By increasing the number of magnetic poles, the speed and power density of the motor can be increased, making it more suitable for high-performance applications.

In conclusion, the use of curved magnets helps to improve the performance, efficiency and adaptability of brushless DC motors, making them the preferred choice for many modern applications. However, specific designs are still dependent on the requirements and constraints of the application, so there may be some exceptions.

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