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Dc motor magnets is broken how can still turn?

I just saw a question about motor magnets and this user asked how a DC motor can still turn when the magnets are broken. Here's an answer to that question.

The magnets in a DC motor are a key part of generating a magnetic field, and they produce rotational force by interacting with an electric current. If the magnets in a DC motor are damaged, it may affect the performance of the motor, but the ability to continue turning depends on the extent of the damage and the design of the motor.

The following are some possible scenarios:

1. Partial damage: If part of the magnet is damaged, there may still be enough magnetic field generated to support the motor, although performance may be reduced.

2. Weakened magnet: If the magnet is weakened, the motor may still be able to turn, but it may require more current to produce the same amount of torque, resulting in decreased efficiency.

The picture is a curved rare earth magnet commonly used in DC motors

Dc motor magnets

3. Design and Load: The design of the motor and the load it is subjected to will also affect its ability to continue to turn. Under lighter loads, the motor may still be able to turn even if the magnets are damaged, but under heavier loads problems may occur.

In conclusion, while a damaged magnet in a DC motor may have an impact on its performance and reliability, the motor may still be able to continue to turn under certain circumstances. However, to ensure proper operation and safety of the motor, it is recommended that damaged parts be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Type of magnet needed for DC motor;

Neodymium Segment Magnets

SmCo Arc Magnets

Ferrite Segment Magnets

Injection molded magnets

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