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Do stepper motors require magnets? What is their role and material?

Is there a magnet for the stepper motor proposed by netizens? Is the rotor of the stepper motor a magnet? As well as the common stepper motor magnet material is what kinds of problems, the following neodymium magnet manufacturers courage magnet are introduced to you.

Do stepper motors have magnets?


The picture shows the structure of the stepper motor

Structure of the stepper motor

Are the rotors of stepper motors magnets?

Most of the stepper motors in use nowadays use permanent magnet rotors, and there are also rotors made up of soft magnetic materials. The reasons for the common use of permanent magnets are high efficiency, high resolution, and keeping the strength of their magnetic field unchanged for a longer period of time.

Commonly used soft magnetic materials are PoMo alloy, soft iron, etc. Other materials, such as silicon steel sheet used in transformers, also belong to soft magnetic materials.

Commonly used hard magnetic materials are neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt, ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt and other magnet materials.

The magnet materials used by different types of stepper motors are also different. The following is an introduction to the magnet materials used by PM type, HB type and RM type stepper motors.

PM type stepper motor often used magnets are sintered ferrite magnets, bonded ferrite, bonded neodymium magnets.

HB type stepper motors often used magnet materials are sintered neodymium magnets, aluminum nickel cobalt.

RM type stepper motors often used magnet materials are sintered neodymium magnets, bonded neodymium iron boron.

What is the role of the magnet in the stepper motor?

The magnet is the driving part of the stepper motor, which can provide torque and strength to drive the rotation of the stepper motor, so that the stepper motor can rotate according to a certain step size to achieve control.

The above is a xiaofu for you to organize the rotor of the stepper motor is a magnet, what is the role? As well as commonly used which kinds of material introduction, such as you have a stepper motor magnet sample needs welcome to contact us.

Other stepper motor magnets are introduced;

Application of Ndfeb neodymium magnet in stepper motor

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