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Why do large speakers rarely use neodymium magnets material?

The indispensable part of the speaker is the magnet, which plays an important role in the speaker, providing a magnetic field, so that the current through the voice coil interacts with the magnetic field, producing a force, so that the voice coil begins to vibrate. Today, this article mainly talks about why NdFeb magnets are rarely used in large speakers.

The following are the main reasons for courage magnet xiaofu;

1, Neodymium magnets are expensive. Neodymium belongs to the rare earth metals, the price is usually much more expensive than ferrite magnets, the use of a large number of neodymium magnets in large-size speakers will significantly increase the cost.

2, Neodymium magnet performance advantage is more obvious in small speakers, large size speakers voice coil area, do not need such high magnetic energy.

Picture is a large ring ferrite magnet commonly used in large loudspeakers

Picture is a large ring ferrite magnet commonly used in large loudspeakers

3, Neodymium magnets are less resistant to heat than ceramic ferrite magnets, and are more likely to demagnetize in high power situations. Large size speakers usually have high power and need better thermal stability of magnets.

4, Large size speaker magnetic circuit structure is complex, it is difficult to take advantage of the advantages of neodymium magnets small volume, it is difficult to replace the magnet material in the case of simple without changing the overall design.

Considering the above factors, the use of ferrite magnets is a better balance between cost and performance, and expensive rare-earth neodymium magnets are used in large-size loudspeakers only when the unique design requires it.

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