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How to choose the right magnetic pulley?

The magnetic pulleys (roller) are divided into two kinds according to the use of their needs. There are the semi magnetic pulley and the full magnetic pulley, the semi magnetic pulley due to the unique structure, itself has the automatic separation function, so it is often used in magnetic separation equipment for automatic separation of magnetic materials. However, according to the demand for the arrangement of strong rare earth Neodymium magnet or permanent ferrite magnets. The full magnetic pulley is mainly installed on the conveyor belt transmission equipment, and the automatic separation of iron filings is realized by the conveyor belt transmission.

Permanent Magnetic Roller

Semi-magnetic rollers and full magnetic rollers have their own advantages and disadvantages, the main differences are as follows.

1. Structure.

Semi-magnetic pulley drum surface magnet; full magnetic drum is the entire drum are made of magnetic materials.

2. Strength.

Fully magnetic drum flux is more concentrated, the adsorption force can be greater than the semi-magnetic.

3. Price.

Fully magnetic rollers are more expensive due to higher material and processing requirements.

4. Quality.

Fully magnetic pulley (rollers) are heavier for the same size.

5. Lifespan.

Semi-magnetic magnets are easier to dislodge; full magnetic rollers last longer.

6. Temperature.

Fully magnetic rollers have a wider range of operating temperatures.

7. Application.

Low speed conveyor belts can be used with semi-magnetic; high speed Precision equipment requires full magnetic.

In the permanent magnetic drum diameter is small, usually choose the full magnetic drum, in the drum diameter is larger, choose to use the semi-magnetic drum, so as to save money on materials, but also more convenient to unload iron.

On the whole, for applications requiring high precision, a fully magnetic drum is more suitable and cost-effective. For low-speed applications, semi-magnetic rollers can be chosen to reduce costs. It is necessary to select the type according to the actual use requirements.

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