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Magnet Blog

Role of Speaker Magnet Size

Horn (Loudspeaker) magnet is the magnet part of the horn or speaker, it plays an important role in the audio system, used to produce sound and convert electrical signals into sound, the size of the horn magnet has a certain impact on the performance and sound quality of the horn, the following is the role of the size of the horn magnet.

1. Sound Generation

Horn magnets convert electrical signals into sound by vibrating a thin film or diaphragm in a magnetic field. The size of the magnet affects the driving force and vibration capacity of the horn, so larger magnets are usually able to produce greater sound.

2、Frequency Response

The size of the magnet can affect the frequency response range of the speaker, larger magnets usually have a wider frequency range, able to play lower and higher frequency sound.

The following picture is the common magnet of the horn - ferrite ring magnets


3. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a loudspeaker indicates the level of sound produced at a given input power. Larger magnets usually have higher sensitivity, which means they can produce greater sound at the same input power.

4. Distortion

Larger magnets usually reduce audio distortion and provide clearer sound quality.

It should be noted that the size of the magnet is only one factor that affects the performance of the speaker, the design of the speaker, the diaphragm, the driver unit, etc. also affect the sound quality and performance. Therefore, when choosing speakers, you need to consider other factors besides magnet size, such as brand, model, purpose and budget, to get the best sound system for your needs.

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