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Reasons why tweeter magnets are larger than full-range speaker magnets

About the speaker magnet, may be the most common one in our life, I know the magnet is also a black ring magnet on the stereo, and I know that this magnet is called a ferrite ring. Some customers are to be magnetized delivery, some are not magnetized delivery, today's topic is the tweeter magnet than full-range speaker magnet big reason? Maybe many people have not studied, the following article from the netizen is not the four corners of the sky.

I have observed many speakers since I was a child and have noticed their shape, structure and number of triangles. One thing I have noticed is that, for a speaker of the same power, the woofer, the full-range speaker and the tweeter, the full-range speaker has the smallest magnet. Why would a tweeter have a larger magnet than a full-range speaker? The designer wouldn't have no reason to design it this way.

Tweeter commonly used high-performance ferrite magnets or rare earth neodymium magnet material

High performance ferrite ring magnets for tweeters

I once searched this Baidu: why tweeter in series with a capacitor? The answer I found is: capacitors play the role of crossover and current limiting, the high-frequency component current in the sound power supply is generally small, if you don't use capacitors for filtering, not only affects the sound quality, but also will burn out the tweeter. Indeed, I have also connected the tweeter separately to the sound power supply, the sound is very small.

Because the treble component of the current is relatively small, so use a larger magnet, otherwise the treble effect is not obvious; the size of the sound by the speaker in the paper disk vibration amplitude decision, and its amplitude is determined by the coil is subject to the amperage, by the high school physics amperage formula F = BIL can be known, the high-frequency part of the current is certainly small, but by changing the strength of its magnetic induction can be changed to change the volume of its volume, so the treble horn magnet The purpose of larger is to enhance the treble effect, otherwise the treble part is not obviously small. And the full-range speaker current is relatively large, take the appropriate magnet ratio will be able to get the best audio ratio.

It is worth mentioning the woofer, the magnet of the woofer is usually bigger, this is because the sound requirement of the woofer is vibration, naturally it needs to be louder. Usually the woofer is individually tuned, while the tweeter is usually and full-range speakers share the sound source power supply, so the woofer can be adjusted casually, while the tweeter and full-range speakers need the appropriate proportion of the magnet to reflect its wonderful sound, the combination of the three kinds of speakers constitutes a hi-fi sound system.

The above is about the tweeter magnet is bigger than the full-range speaker magnet reason related to the introduction, our company can provide speakers (speakers) with ferrite magnets, neodymium magnets, if you need the price, please send us an inquiry, thank you!

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