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Liquid Pipeline Strong Magnetic Iron Remover [Application Usage Specification]

The fluid pipeline iron remover is mainly used in the demagnetization process of pipeline conveyance lines. There are commonly two types: the standard type and the easy-to-clean type. The surface magnetic field strengths are 10000 Gauss, 12000 Gauss, 13000 Gauss, and 14000 Gauss. The easy-to-clean type, although more convenient for cleaning, has a reduced surface magnetic field strength due to the added casing. For example, a 12000 Gauss magnetic rod, with an additional casing of 26.5mm in diameter, has a surface magnetic strength of only about 9000 Gauss.

Main parameters of pipeline liquid iron remover equipment:

Number of magnetic rods: 5, 7, 9

Shell material: SS304, SS316L stainless steel

Inlet and outlet caliber: DN25-100 flange, thread, clamp quick-open

Large operating pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa

Surface treatment: matte sandblasting, mirror polishing

Insulation jacket design can be used to maintain or improve the temperature of the liquid, to prevent the liquid from solidifying, to meet the temperature needs of the production line.

Pipeline Iron Remover Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter

The fluid iron remover is a type of permanent magnetic iron remover, mainly used to remove iron impurities from liquid, slurry, and powdery materials conveyed in pipelines. Due to its significant iron removal effect and easy cleaning operation, it has been widely used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and new energy.

The casing of the fluid iron remover is made of stainless steel, and the internal magnetic core uses rare-earth permanent magnets. The magnetic core is usually fixed on the cover plate. When cleaning the ferromagnetic impurities on the surface of the magnetic core, simply open the cover plate fixing bolts, lift the cover plate, and clean the iron impurities on the surface of the magnetic rod. This makes the actual operation quite convenient.

Due to the use of rare-earth permanent magnets, the magnetic properties of the fluid iron remover will experience magnetic decay after 3-5 years of use. If it does not meet the usage requirements, you can simply replace the magnetic rod.

Currently, the fluid iron remover mainly uses a magnetic rod with a diameter of 25mm, and the highest magnetic strength achievable is 12000 Gauss. This magnetic strength, when designed and used properly in liquid materials, can achieve excellent iron removal effects and is suitable for places with very strict requirements for ferromagnetic metal impurity content.

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