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Magnets of electric motorcycle

Previously, we introduced the use of magnets in cars, but in fact, car travel often faces a shortage of parking spaces. Therefore, in order to facilitate travel, many families in China basically have an electric motorcycle, and they wil choose electric motorcycle when they go to a place where is not far or when there is no need for many people to go out together. No need to ride like a bicycle, electric motorcycle are easy and effortless. There is no need to look everywhere for a parking spaceike a car, and electric motorcycle are agile and flexible.

But do you know what important maonet parts are in electric motorcycle (motorbike)? Today, we will introduce the two main magnet applications of electric motorcycle: electric motorcycle handle bar magnet and motor magnet.

1. Electric motorcycle handle bar magnets

In electric motorcycle. It is  commonly used samarium cobalt maanets. Ndfeb maanets and aluminum nickel-cobalt magnets, and neodymium magnets are mostly used. We all know that there are many grade of neodymium maanets. and the N35/N35H grade commonly used in electric motorcycle handle bar magnets.

There are two common types of electric motorcycle handle magnets

One is a separate long arc. The magnetic induction intensity of the magnet surface will be different in different parts. The induction surface of the Hall element is slightly spaced away from the magnet. When the specific position of the magnet changes, the magnetic induction intensity applied to the Hall element will also change, and the output voltage of the Hall element will change.

The other is to install a small magnet on each side of a certain arc of the small ring, so that the Hall element is between the two small magnets. At different points between the two small magnets. the magnetic induction intensity wil be different. The magnetic induction intensity applied to the Hall element is also variable when the handle of the electric motorcycle is rotated. 

The principle is equivalent to an arc magnet above, but the magnetic induction intensity between the two small magnets is affected by many factors such as the deformation of the material in the installationposition, the overall linearity is not as good as a single arc small magnet.

2. Electric motorcycle motor magnets

Motor magnets are mainly made of permanent magnet materials, it generally have neodymium motor magnets, samarium cobalt motor magnets, aluminum nickel cobalt motor magnets

Ndfeb magnets are divided into sintered neodymium magnets and bonded neodymium magnets. Generally, the motor uses sintered neodymium magnet, which has high magnetic performance and can absorb 640 times the weight of its own weight. Because of its excellent magnetic performance, it is known as the "magnet king". Now the motor used neodymiumsegment magnet mostly.

Rare earth neodymium segmented magnets

Rare earth neodymium segmented magnet

Samarium cobalt magnets generally only sintered magnets. The characteristics of samarium cobalt are high temperature resistance, not easy to be oxidated and corrosion resistance, so most of the general high temperature motor, aviation products will choose samarium cobalt magnets as meterial.

Aluminum nicke-cobalt magnets are less used in motor magnets because their magnetic properties are relatively low. However, some products need to withstand high temperatures above 350℃ will use aluminum nickel cobalt magnets

The motors used in electric motorcycles generally adopt permanent magnet DC motors. The so-called permanent magnet motor means that the motor coil uses permanent magnet excitation, and does not use coil excitation.

In this way, the electric energy consumed when the excitation coil is working is eliminated, and the electromechanical conversion eficiency of the motor is improved. This can reduce the driving current and extend the driving range for electric motorcycles with limited on-board energy.

Different motor of electric motorcycle

According to the power form of the motor, the motor for electric motorcycles can be divided into two categories: brushless motor and brushless motor. 

According to the mechanical structure of the motor assembly, it is generally divided into two categories: "toothed" the motor speed is high, and the gear needs to be decelerated) and "toothless" (the motor torque output does not go through any deceleration).

For brushless motors, according to whether the motor has a position sensor, it is divided into brushless motors with position sensors and brushless motors without position sensors.

For the brushless motor without position sensor, the car must be pushed off first, and the motor has a certain rotation speed. so that the controller can identify the phase of the brushless motor, and then the controller can power the motor.

Because position sensorless brushless motors cannot be started at zero speed, they are used less in  electric motorcycle produced after 2000. At present. brushless motors used in the electric motorcycle industry generally use brushless motors with position sensors.

The common electric motorcycle motor is called hub motor. There are spokes and rims that can be installed, and there are spokes that cannot be installed to make the motor and rims into one parts, which is also called integrated hub motor. The former motor has good impact resistance and is beneficial to the motor. Generally, the motor speed above 3000 RPM is called a high-speed motor, and the speed below 1000 RPM is a low-speed motor.

At present. the brushless gearless hub motor can do less than 600 RPM. This requires an electric motorcycle speed of less than 20 km/h, which translates to a 24 (inch) motor of about 200 RPM. lt can use small gear with big gear deceleration, the size of the gear tooth ratio is called deceleration ratio, deceleration ratio is large, torque is also large, and climb strength is powerful. Gears can be installed inside the motor or outside the motor. There are brush teeth, brushless gear hub motor installed in the interior.

Generally speaking, the brush toothless, brushless toothess, brush tooth and brushless tooth refers to the gear without gear inside the hub motor. The motor with the same power, the toothed one is stronger than the one without teeth when starting and cimbing, which is suitable for slope road conditions. And the high-speed motor has high motor efficiency. However, this kind of motor has a low life, and accessories are difficult to buy, and maintenance costs are high.

The main magnets in electric motorcycle are the handle bar and the motor, of course, there are also some electric motorcycle in the seat and other places to use magnets, including some electric motorcycle rearview miror connection will also be used to rubber coating magnets or rubber magnets

Hope this article was helpful to you! If there is a related electric motorcycle handle bar and motor magnet needs, please contact us for customization!

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