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What parts of the car require injection molded magnets?

About the advantages of injection molding magnets today, I will not say, because in the previous article has been introduced, today I share the main is a car that needs to be used in injection molding magnets parts and components are what, welcome to collect and forward.

Injection molded magnets are magnetic parts that are manufactured through the injection molding process and are usually used in specific parts of automobiles to perform various functions, and the following is an introduction to the application locations.

Convex injection molded ferrite magnetic ring

Convex injection molded ferrite magnetic ring

1. Electric motors and drive systems

Injection molded magnets are commonly used in electric motors and drive systems in automobiles, such as electric motors and generators in electric vehicles, etc. Magnets in these components are usually used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

2. Sensors and Actuators

Some sensors and actuators require magnetic components to fulfill their functions, such as position sensors, gear sensors, seat belt sensors, ABS sensors, door sensors, and hydraulic actuators in vehicles.

3. Electrically assisted systems

Systems such as electric power steering, automatic driver assistance systems, etc. may require injection molded magnets to perform their specific functions.

4. Brake systems

Magnets may also be used in certain brake systems, such as in brake boosters or anti-lock braking systems (ABS).

5. Vehicle electronics systems

Injection molded magnets may also be used in vehicle electronic systems, such as in engine control units (ECUs) or other electronic devices to perform specific functions.

In general, injection molded magnets are usually used in electric parts, sensors, actuators and electronic systems in automobiles, we can supply injection molded neodymium magnets and injection molded ferrite magnets, for samples, quotations please contact us.

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