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What are the 2 and 4 poles of a magnet?

Magnetic poles are specific areas on a magnet where the strength of the magnetic field is greatest. Magnets can have two types of poles: a north pole and a south pole. On a magnet, magnetic field lines come out of the north pole and flow toward the south pole, creating a closed magnetic field. Magnetic poles are manifestations of magnetism; they attract or repel other magnetic materials.

What are the 2 and 4 poles of a magnet?

Magnet 2-pole and 4-pole refers to the number of charging poles of the magnet, which can also be called 2-pole magnet, 4-pole magnet. 2-pole is more ordinary and common, 4-pole belongs to multi-pole.

Of course, the magnet can also do more magnetic poles, such as 8 poles, 10 poles, 16 poles, 24 poles, 48 poles, etc., 2-pole or 4-pole magnets can be round, circular, square, circular ring magnets can be axial 2-pole, radial 2-pole, 4-pole is also the same, but also to do a single side of the 2-pole, a single side of the 4-pole, and so on, specific depends on the customer's needs.

4-pole 6-pole 8-pole ring magnet pole distribution diagram

4-pole 6-pole 8-pole ring magnet pole distribution diagram

The main difference between 2-pole and 4-pole magnets lies in their magnetic field structure and the form of the magnetic field they produce, and in terms of applications, these different magnetic field structures determine their use in engineering, physics, and other fields. 4-pole magnets, due to their more complex magnetic field structures, are often used in areas that require more precise magnetic field control or for specific areas of scientific research, whereas 2-pole magnets are more commonly found in day-to-day applications and in some conventional engineering equipment.

Above is the introduction of 2 poles magnet, 4 poles magnet, if you have similar magnet products need to quote or ask for samples welcome to contact Courage.

2-pole or 4-pole magnet portion of the sample;

Radial 2 pole magnets

4 pole ring magnets

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