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What parameters are needed for a ferrite magnet quote?

Ferrite magnets are relatively inexpensive, high temperature resistance, not rust, which makes many customers choose it in many scenarios, there are few purchases want to understand the ferrite offer need those parameters? The following Courage magnet manufacturers small Fu to introduce this issue.

If it is an ordinary sintered ferrite shape, such as round, cylindrical, square, ring, the general offer need to provide the size, purchase quantity, homosexual or anisotropic (grade), magnetization method, if you have special requirements, please specify (magnetic range, tolerance requirements, chamfering, marking), ring ferrite and square ferrite need to pay attention to the fact that there are three sizes oh.

Black Rectangular Ferrite Magnet Block

Black Rectangular Ferrite Magnet Block

For curved segmented ferrite magnets and special shaped ferrite, it is better to provide sketches or 2D drawings.

Ferrite magnets in addition to sintered, there are injection molded ferrite, this material is generally multi-pole magnetized, ring-based, the offer needs to provide the size, the number of magnetized poles, the way, the table magnetic strength requirements (magnetic), it is also best to let the project out of a drawing, specify the technical requirements, and so on.

The above is about the ferrite offer need those parameters of a little introduction, even if you do not understand we will ask you one by one, such as the need for quotations sintered ferrite magnets/injection molding ferrite magnets are welcome to contact us to provide you with quotations, samples.

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