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Injection molded ferrite vs injection molded neodymium magnets

Injection molded ferrite magnets and injection molded neodymium magnets are two different types of permanent magnet materials, mainly used in DC motors, sensors, encoders, automation equipment, etc., they have obvious differences in composition, magnetic properties, processes, applications, prices, etc., the following is a more detailed introduction.

Injection ferrite and injection Ndfeb appearance contrast difference;

The difference in appearance is also some, through the naked eye can see the injection NdFeb magnet surface will have shiny magnetic powder, injection ferrite is not.

The picture shows an injection molded neodymium magnet rotor;

injection molded neodymium magnet rotor

The following picture is an injection molded ferrite magnet rotor

injection molded ferrite magnet rotor

Injection NdFeb and injection ferrite composition difference;

Mainly lies in the difference of magnetic powder, injection Ndfeb magnet uses NdFeb magnetic powder, injection ferrite uses ferrite magnetic powder.

Comparison of the magnetic properties of injection molded ferrite and injection molded neodymium magnet;

Injection Ndfeb has excellent magnetic properties, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product, so it can produce a stronger magnetic field at the same size. This makes them suitable for high-performance applications such as motors, generators, sensors, hard drives, electric vehicles, and more.

The magnetic properties of injection molded ferrite magnets are relatively low, and their coercive force and magnetic energy product are much lower than Ndfeb. However, due to their superior heat and corrosion resistance, ferrite magnets are suitable for some applications that need to work in high temperatures or harsh environments, such as automotive parts, inductors, and some household appliances.

Injection NdFeb vs injection ferrite manufacturing process difference;

Powder metallurgy process is commonly used to manufacture injection molded neodymium iron boron magnets. In this process, neodymium iron boron magnetic powder is mixed with a suitable binder and the final product is formed through injection molding, compression, sintering, and other processes. This process requires higher temperature and pressure to ensure the density and magnetic performance of the magnet.

Similar injection molding processes are also used to manufacture injection molded ferrite magnets. In this process, the ferrite powder is mixed with the binder, then injected into a specific shaped mold under high pressure, and finally sintered. Compared to injection molding of neodymium iron boron, the process temperature and pressure requirements for injection molding of ferrite are lower.

The comparison between the two in terms of price cost;

Injection molded ferrite magnets are usually cheaper than injection molded neodymium iron boron magnets, but this does not mean that ferrite magnets are a better choice in all situations. Choosing which permanent magnet material should comprehensively consider cost, performance requirements, and specific application requirements.

The above is about the comparison of injection molded ferrite and injection molded neodymium magnet. Our courage magnet company can provide both of these two materials. If you need to consult samples and evaluate the price, you can send us the drawing by email, thank you!

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