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Ferrite permanent magnets material composition detail

The previous article has shared with you the composition of rare earth neodymium magnets and composition and proportion of samarium cobalt magnets, today brings the chemical composition of ceramic ferrite magnets, I hope to help you understand magnets!

Ferrite magnet chemical analysis of the main composition and weight percentage;

Fe2O3 has the highest composition in sintered ferrite magnets, accounting for approximately 85% -90%.

This is followed by strontium SrO, which accounts for about 9%-10%

Various specifications of circular and circular & round ferrite magnets with holes;

Various specifications of circular and circular ferrite magnets with holes

Other components;

CaO: 0~0.3% 

SiO₂: 0~0.2%

Al₂O₃: 0.1~0.5%

BaO: 0.2~0.8%

MnO: 0.2~0.6%

The specific chemical composition ratio of sintered ferrite can be adjusted according to specific application and performance requirements, and different ferrite materials may contain other additives to meet specific performance requirements.

The above is the article about the composition of sintered ferrite material and the proportion of the relevant introduction, edited by China permanent magnet manufacturer Courage Xiafu, there is a need to purchase sintered/injection molded ferrite magnets welcome to contact customer service.

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