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How to calculate weight by knowing the size of ferrite ring magnets?

Ferrite magnets is one of the main magnetic materials produced by Courage magnet manufacturers, mainly including sintered ferrite magnets and injection molded ferrite magnets. If you need us to provide a quotation, please leave a message or email us with samples.

To calculate the weight of a ferrite ring magnets, we need to know its density. The density of sintered ferrite magnets is 5.0g/cm3, while those with low performance have a lower density, around 4.8g.

Now we can calculate the weight based on the size of the magnetic ring, using the formula π x (A+B) (A-B) xCxP/4000 [A is the outer diameter, B is the inner diameter, C is the thickness, and P is the density]

Size and weight of ferrite ring magnets;

Size and weight of ferrite ring magnets

For example, a ferrite magnetic ring with an outer diameter of 80mm, an inner diameter of 32mm, a thickness of 10mm, and a weight calculation result of 3.14x (80+32) x (80-32) x10x4.8 ÷ 4000 ≈ 203g

Can you calculate after reading the calculation formula above? You can calculate according to the height of the outer diameter and inner diameter provided above!

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