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Main differences between injection molded magnets and sintered magnets

Injection molding magnets and sintered magnets both belong to permanent magnets, which are widely used, today this article will introduce you the difference between injection molding magnets and sintered magnets in detail.

Injection molding magnets and sintered magnets meaning;

Injection molding magnet is a magnetic powder (such as iron oxide powder) and thermoplastic plastic (such as PVC) mixed, in the molten state into the mold molding and made of magnets, commonly used injection molding neodymium magnets, injection molding ferrite magnets.

Sintered magnet is a kind of permanent magnetic material made of magnetic powder through compression and sintering, mainly including sintered neodymium magnet, sintered ferrite, sintered samarium cobalt, sintered aluminum nickel cobalt and so on.

Some differences between injection molded magnets and sintered magnets;

1. Different raw materials

The raw material for injection molded magnets is a mixture of magnetic powder and thermoplastic, while the raw material for sintered magnets is pure hard magnetic powder.

2、Different processing methods

Injection molded magnets: Injection molded magnets are prepared by mixing a magnetic powder with a polymer plastic and injecting the mixture into a mold through an injection molding machine to form the desired shape of the material. The process is similar to plastic injection molding, but with the magnetic powder included.

Sintered Magnets: Sintered magnets are prepared by sintering the magnetic powder at high temperatures into a lumpy material.

Matching picture is injection molded magnet (injection molded ferrite)

Matching picture is injection molded magnet

3、Density is different

The density of injection molded magnets is generally 3-4g/cm3, while the density of sintered magnets can reach 5-8g/cm3.

4、Different performance

Sintered magnets have high hardness, high compressive strength and better magnetic properties than injection molded magnets. However, the production efficiency of injection molding magnet is high and the cost is lower.

5. Different application areas

Sintered magnets are used in magnetic circuits and motors that require high performance. Injection molded magnets are used for cost-sensitive high-volume consumer products.

6. Different size and shape

Injection molded magnets can be made in large and complex shapes, while sintered magnets are limited in size and shape.

7. Different preparation processes

The preparation process of sintered magnet is more complicated, involving high temperature and high pressure, so the preparation cost is higher.

Injection molded magnets are relatively simple to prepare and are usually less expensive, especially in mass production.

Overall, sintered and injection molded magnets differ in preparation methods, properties and application areas, and the choice of material depends on the specific application requirements.

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