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Are N45 magnets the same as N45SH magnets?

N45 grade magnets and N45SH grade magnets belong to rare earth neodymium magnets, some users don't know how to choose, ask them if they are the same, the following neodymium magnet manufacturers courage magnets xiaofu to introduce you to the difference between the 2 grades and performance data.

What is the difference between NdFeB N45 and N45SH?

The main difference is the operating temperature resistance, with N45 magnets usually operating at room temperature or slightly higher, typically around 80°C. N45SH magnets typically have a high coercivity and magnetic energy product similar to that of N45, but with a much wider operating temperature range, typically maintaining good magnetic properties at temperatures of 150°C.

Both N45 and N45SH can be processed into various shapes, and customization is welcome.

Both N45 and N45SH can be processed into various shapes

The table below shows the magnetic property data of neodymium magnets N45 and N45SH;

GradeBrHcbHcj(BH)maxMAX.Working Temperature
(TW) ºC

In summary, although N45 and N45SH are both grades of NdFeB magnets, there are differences between them, which are mainly reflected in the fact that N45SH magnets perform better in high temperature environments. Therefore, when choosing a magnet, you should determine which grade to use based on the specific application requirements and working environment. If high temperature stability is required, N45SH may be a better choice.

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