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Are neodymium magnets N42 or N45 grade when magnetised?

Neodymium magnets need to be magnetised to have magnetic properties, that magnetisation is N42 or N45 grade, some users want to know about this issue, the following permanent magnet manufacturers xiaofu to introduce you.

N42 and N45 are both common grades of NdFeB magnets, and the difference between them is in the magnetic properties. In general, N45 grade magnets have higher magnetic properties, i.e. higher BHmax values, while N42 grade magnets have slightly lower values. As a result, N45 grade magnets typically provide a stronger magnetic field for the same volume and size.

Special customised rectangular magnets with 3 holes

Special customised rectangular magnets with 3 holes

Then, the exact magnetic performance grade of the rare earth neodymium magnet after magnetisation depends on the blank material of the magnet, for example, if you choose the N42 material, then it will be N42 after magnetisation, and will not become N45 grade.

If you have purchased an NdFeB magnet and would like to know its grade, you can check its label or production documentation, and the manufacturer will usually indicate its grade on the product. If the grade is not indicated, you can roughly determine its grade by testing the magnetic properties of the magnet, and if you are not sure, you can communicate with the magnet manufacturer.

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