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Do radiating magnetic rings have to be wound? Why?

Radiation magnetic ring is a ring shaped magnet structure with magnetic inductance radiating from the inner surface to the outer surface, which can achieve a strong radiant magnetic field, with a wide range of applications, such as motors, generators, transformers, electromagnetic isolation, magnetic field sensors, power filters in electronic equipment, etc., today we will introduce the Radiant Magnetic Ring must be wire-wound?

Radiation magnetic ring usually need to be wound, and usually use the way of winding coils, because this can increase the magnetic field strength of the radiation magnetic ring and control the direction of the magnetic field, the following are the reasons why winding is common.

1、Magnetic field enhancement

By winding a coil around a radiant magnetic ring, a magnetic field excited by an electric current can be generated around the ring. The magnetic field generated by this electric current will be superimposed on the magnetic field generated by the ring itself, thus enhancing the overall strength of the magnetic field, which is very useful for applications that require a high magnetic field strength.

2. Magnetic field control

By changing the direction and strength of the current in the winding coil, the direction and strength of the magnetic field of the radiating magnetic ring can be precisely controlled. This is important for specific applications such as magnetic field sensors, electromagnetic isolation and electromagnetic controllers.

Radiating magnetic ring magnetization schematic picture;

Radiating magnetic ring magnetization schematic picture


Coil winding can improve the efficiency of the magnetic field, because it can concentrate the current on the magnetic ring, thus reducing energy loss.


By varying the current in the winding coil, the size and direction of the magnetic field can be adjusted to meet the needs of different applications.

In conclusion, although the radiating magnetic ring itself has certain magnetic properties, the winding coil can add control and flexibility in practical applications to better meet specific magnetic field requirements, which is why winding is usually required in the application of radiating magnetic rings.

Correlated radiation ring magnet;

Radiation Sintered Ring Ferrite Magnet 25mm x 19.2 x 5 mm

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