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Difference between nickel and chrome plating of magnets

Magnet galvanized and nickel-plated are two common surface treatment methods, but sometimes customers ask about the difference between nickel-plated and chromium-plated, the following permanent magnet supplier courage xiaofu will provide you with detailed information on their differences and the relative price.

1. Appearance difference:

   - Nickel plating: after the magnet is nickel plated, the surface will have a smooth, silver-white appearance. Nickel-plated layer can well protect the magnet, increase its corrosion resistance and make it more beautiful.

   - Chrome Plated: After the magnet is chrome plated, the surface takes on a brighter and mirror-like appearance. The chrome plating layer provides higher corrosion and abrasion resistance, making chrome plated magnets more durable.

2. Difference in corrosion resistance:

   - Nickel-plated: nickel-plated layer can provide good corrosion resistance, which can effectively prevent the magnet from oxidizing and rusting.

   - Chrome plating: Compared with nickel plating, chrome plating layer has higher corrosion resistance and can provide longer protection against corrosion from the external environment.

The accompanying picture shows a high strength neodymium round disc magnets.


3. Differences in usage areas:

   - Nickel plating: Due to its excellent appearance and corrosion resistance, nickel plated magnets are widely used in fields such as home decoration, automotive components, and electronic products. The nickel plating layer can increase the surface smoothness of the magnet, reduce damage to accessories, and also improve the service life of the magnet.

   - Chromium plating: Chromium plated magnets are common in products such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. that require long-term exposure due to their corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The chrome coating can also provide a brighter appearance, making the product more attractive.

4. Price differences:

In general, chrome plating treatments are relatively expensive. This is because the chromium plating process is relatively complex and uses expensive chemicals. Nickel plating, on the other hand, is relatively simple and less costly, and therefore less expensive.

The above is about the difference between the magnet nickel coating and the chromium coating, they have certain differences in appearance, corrosion resistance and use fields. In terms of price, chrome plating is relatively expensive. Some are not popular.

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