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Injection molding neodymium (ndfeb) magnet production process

Injection molded NdFeB is a common permanent magnet material commonly used in the manufacture of permanent magnetic components for a variety of electronic devices, electric motors, generators, magnetic encoders, and other is it made? Below is a brief description of a common injection molded NdFeB production process.

1、Mix the NdFeB magnetic powder, thermoplastic resin and additives together in a certain proportion.

2、Through the granulator to make plastic magnetic pellets. 

3、Injection molding of the required magnets through the injection molding machine and molds, which can be molded with copper or iron parts, and the shape of the mold usually corresponds to the shape of the required final product.

The following picture is an introduction to the production process of neodymium magnets for injection molding

introduction to the production process of neodymium magnets for injection molding

4、Cooling and demolding (once the mixture has cooled and hardened, the mold is opened and the product is removed from the mold).

5. Magnetization or non-magnetization according to customer requirements.

6, Quality inspection of the produced injection molded NdFeB magnets to ensure that their performance meets the requirements.

The above is about the production process of injection molded NdFeB magnets, if you need to ask for ready-made samples, quotations, mold can contact our company.

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