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Magnet Blog

Different shapes of ndfeb magnets with pictures

Neodymium magnets in a variety of shapes, a variety of shapes, there are more conventional, there are more special, which for the magnet manufacturers, can be processed out, the following is a list of different shapes of neodymium magnets and pictures for you, need a quote or do samples can send us an inquiry.

1、Neodymium magnets common shape - arc/segment

Neodymium magnets common shape - arc/segment

Curved ndfeb segment magnets can be machined according to your size, coating, performance requirements, can be directly produced without mold, and can be machined through or countersunk hole types.

2、Neodymium magnet common shape - with countersunk hole (screw mounting hole)

Neodymium magnet common shape - with countersunk hole 

Countersunk magnets are very popular with customers, different customers will have different shapes of neodymium magnets with holes, with more square, rectangle, circle, can also be triangle, polygon, etc., as long as you like, we can process it for you.

3、Various neodymium magnets in square/rectangular (bar) shape, can be processed to be very thin, also can be made large or thick.

Various neodymium magnets in square/rectangular (bar) shape

4、Hollow cylindrical shape ndfeb magnets

Hollow cylindrical shape ndfeb magnets

5、Neodymium magnets common shape - ring

Neodymium magnets common shape - ring

6、Neodymium magnet special non-specification shape-exotic shape

Special shaped neodymium magnets subject custom shaped magnets, although the shape is special, but it is also without molds, the more common are concave-convex neodymium magnets, step magnets, half-circle or half-ring magnets, polygonal magnets, D-shape/T-shape/L-shape/bowl shaped magnets and so on.

There are many, many other shapes of rare earth NdFeB magnets, such as trapezoidal, bread shaped, diamond shaped, U shaped, cone shaped, comma shaped, slotted magnets, etc. ......

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