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Why ring neodymium magnets need to process countersunk hole shape?

Countersunk ring magnet is a special ring magnet, the most used material on the market or neodymium, its shape is like a funnel, why to make a countersunk ring magnet like a funnel? The following neodymium magnet supplier courage magnet Xiao Fu will share for you.

The ring Neodymium magnet is usually designed as a counterbore to enhance the use effect of its magnetic field and facilitate installation. The following is a more detailed introduction.

Countersunk ring magnets

Ring magnet is designed in a sink hole shape to enhance the magnetic field

The sink hole structure can concentrate the magnetic field inside the hole, creating a more powerful magnetic field area. This is because the sinkhole shape can reduce the loss of magnetic field, making the magnetic force more concentrated and stronger. Compared with flat magnets of the same size, countersunk magnets can provide higher magnetic field strength and magnetic force.

The countersunk hole shape is more convenient to install

Countersunk magnets have internal holes that make it easy to hold them in the desired position during installation using bolts or other fixtures. Internal holes provide a more stable installation and can be flexibly combined with other equipment or workpieces.

The processing of neodymium ring magnets into a counterbore shape is mainly due to these two reasons, and in addition, it can also save space to a certain extent.

Our company can process various sizes of countersunk ring magnets, you can also process 1 or more countersunk holes on the surface of the ring magnet, if you need to customize or look for stock can contact the website customer service for your quotation.

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