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Advantages and physical performance of injection molded neodymium magnets

Come to the injection molding NdFeB magnet advantages and physical properties before talking about this magnet, which is made of NdFeB magnetic powder, plastic (nylon, PPS, etc.) polymer materials by a special process of mixing a new type of composite materials, mainly used in sensors, brushless motors, automotive electronic accelerator pedal, automotive instrumentation, automotive instrumentation drive, automotive tachometer, fuel gauge, and other fields.

Advantages of injection molded NdFeB magnets;

Compared with sintered NdFeB magnets, injection molded NdFeB magnets have stronger corrosion resistance, not easy to crack, fracture, the magnets do not need to cut and other machining, high product yield, high tolerance precision after molding, smooth surface, good uniformity within the magnet, good surface magnetic field consistency, strong corrosion resistance, and have a unique advantage in charging multi-pole, pole distance less than 1MM. According to the user's requirements of various types of magnets for axial, radial, plane and other directions of the multi-pole magnetization, can be adjusted to the magnetization waveform to achieve the user's requirements of the magnetic field waveform, including sinusoidal wave, square wave.

The following picture shows the physical properties of injection molded neodymium magnets.

physical properties of injection molded neodymium magnets

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