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Difference between motors with 16 piece magnets and 8 piece magnets

The number of magnets used in a motor can depend on the design and requirements of the motor. Generally speaking, the magnets in a motor are usually used in pairs, such as 1 pair, 2 pairs, 4 pairs, 8 pairs or even more, and today we are going to introduce the differences between 16-piece magnets and 8-piece magnets motors.

If you are considering using two different configurations of 16-piece magnets and 8-piece magnets in your motor design, there will be some differences in the performance of motors with these two configurations. In general, increasing the number of magnet sheets will enhance the magnetic field strength of the motor, but it will also affect some of the motor's characteristics.

Here are some possible differences;

1. Magnetic field strength and output power

Motors with 16 pieces of magnets may produce a stronger magnetic field, thus providing greater output power at the same supply voltage.

2、Starting and running current

Motors with 16-piece magnets may require more starting and running current because they produce a larger magnetic field. This may result in increased power consumption, but may also provide higher performance.

3. Efficiency

Motors with 8-piece magnets may be more efficient at certain loads because they do not draw additional current to maintain a strong magnetic field. However, motors with 16-piece magnets may perform better under high loads.

Neodymium arc segment magnets commonly used in motors


4. Size and Weight

Motors with 16-piece magnets are typically larger and heavier, while motors with 8-piece magnets are relatively smaller and lighter. This can influence motor selection in space-constrained or weight-sensitive applications.

5. Manufacturing Costs

Motors with 16-piece magnets are usually more expensive because they require more materials and machining processes.

In summary, when selecting a motor, these factors need to be weighed against specific application needs and performance requirements. If greater output power and efficiency are required, a motor with 16 magnets may be more suitable, but be aware that it may be larger, heavier and more expensive. If space and cost are key considerations, an 8-magnet motor may be more appropriate.

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