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How Are Special Shaped Neodymium Magnets Made?

Rare earth neodymium magnets in addition to the ordinary ring, ring, rectangle, square, there are special shapes, that is, irregular custom shape, today's permanent magnet manufacturers to introduce you to the special-shaped Ndfeb magnet is how to process.

How are special neodymium magnets made?

The shaped processing methods of sintered NdFeB magnets are to mechanically process NdFeB materials that have been sintered into blocks to obtain specific shapes and sizes, and these shaped processing methods can vary according to specific shape requirements and application needs.

Special neodymium magnet processing and forming methods mainly include cutting, rough machining, and precision machining.

Cutting: Cutting large pieces of sintered NdFeB material into smaller pieces close to the desired shape. Cutting can be done with tools such as drills, saw blades, etc.

Rough machining: Rough machining of small pieces using machining tools such as milling machines, lathes, etc., to process their shapes closer to the final shape.

Precision machining: Finer machining is carried out, using tools such as grinders and drilling machines to further process the magnet into the desired alien shape.

Once the processing is completed, it is ready for the next step of surface treatment, magnetization, and testing.

The accompanying picture shows a T-shaped convex bar special custom magnet.

T-shaped convex bar special custom magnet

Is it difficult to machine special shaped neodymium powerful magnets?

Since it is a special shape, certainly will be more than ordinary magnet process, more trouble, including magnetization, the delivery time will be slower, difficult or not difficult to see the strength of the magnet company, like our company is very good at processing a variety of special shaped magnets.

It should be emphasized that the processing of special shaped magnets usually requires precise processes and equipment, and is therefore best done by a professional magnet manufacturer, so as to ensure that the required high quality shaped magnets are obtained and that they meet the magnetic properties and geometrical requirements of the particular application.

For quotation or processing of special shaped irregular neodymium magnet samples, please contact customer service.

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