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Common irregular special strong ndfeb magnet shapes

The special-shaped magnets can be made of ferrite or neodymium magnet, or samarium cobalt. Because neodymium is the most magnetic and does not need mold processing, it is the most widely used. Today, this article will introduce some common Neodymium magnet with special shapes.

Several common special shape neodymium strong magnets;

Special shape neodymium strong magnet

The shapes of special shaped neodymium magnet can be varied. The following are some common special-shaped magnet shapes.

Curved shape: Irregular magnets can have a curved or curved appearance, such as curved magnets, curved magnets, etc. This shape can be used for specific applications, such as manufacturing special shaped motors or for magnetic field focusing.

Sample view: Neodymium Arc Segment Magnets

L-shape: Special-shaped magnets can be L-shaped, that is, a right Angle is formed at one or both ends of the magnet. This shape is often used to grip workpieces, build magnetic systems, or provide control over the direction of the magnetic field.

Sample view: Special custom l shaped neodymium magnet with 2 hole

V shape: The shaped magnet can form a V shape, that is, the two ends are tapered to each other. This shape is often used to grip or hold cylindrical or rod-like objects.

Sample view: V & L Shaped Strong Neodymium Magnet [Sale Custom Supplier]

T shape: The Neodymium magnet can have a T shape, similar to the letter T. This shape is commonly used for clamping, fixing, or hanging workpieces, providing additional stability and fixing force.

Sample display: Custom T Shaped Neodymium Magnet [Sale Supply Uses]

U shape: Rare earth neodymium magnets can be processed in U shape, similar to the letter U. This shape is commonly used to grip and hold objects with flat or curved surfaces.

Sample view: U Shaped Horseshoe Industrial Strong Magnet [Custom Wholesale]

Concave convex shape: The concave convex neodymium iron boron magnet is often used to clamp and fix workpieces with special shapes or curved surfaces, ensuring the stability of the workpiece during operation. This type of magnet is often used in magnetic connectors.

Specific contour shapes: According to specific application requirements, Nd-Fe-B magnets can have a variety of specific contour shapes, such as triangle, trapezoid, Pentagon, hexagon, etc. These shapes of magnets can be used for special magnetic applications or used with other components.

In addition to the above shapes, neodymium strong magnets can also be processed cone, bowl shape, comma shape, D shape, semi-circular, step shape, run to shape, oval, arch bridge shape, diamond shape, groove, porous and other special shapes.

If you need to process highly difficult and high-performance special-shaped Neodymium magnet, we can't be wrong. We have enough strength to process various special shaped powerful magnets for you, with quality assurance and price advantage. Welcome to provide drawings for inquiry and processing samples.

Introduction of special neodymium magnets;

How Are Special Shaped Neodymium Magnets Made?

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