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Why use special shaped magnets? What are the advantages?

Shaped shaped magnets usually refers to magnets with non-traditional shapes, which are designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of customers, belonging to the customized shaped magnets, compared with the regular shaped magnets, special shaped magnets have unique shapes for special application scenarios, and here is the information about why shaped magnets are used? What are its advantages? The following is the introduction about why should we use special shaped magnets and what are its advantages?

1、Satisfy special space limitation requirements

Shaped magnets can be individually manufactured for specific applications to accommodate special space constraints or design requirements.

2、Reduce size and weight

In some applications, more compact and lightweight devices can be achieved by designing shaped magnets to improve the portability and installation flexibility of the device.

The picture below shows a neodymium-convex powerful magnet.

neodymium-convex powerful magnet

3、High space utilization

Shaped magnets can be designed to maximize the use of available space through their special shape, which is very important for limited space environments.

4、Achieving precise positioning and control

For some special applications, precise positioning and control need to be realized on the magnet. The special shape and structure of shaped magnets can provide better positioning and control capability, enabling them to meet the requirements of specific applications, such as magnetic fixtures, magnetic levitation systems, etc.

Above is the neodymium magnet manufacturer xiaofu introduced on why to use some of the introduction of shaped magnets, most of the current application of shaped magnets to neodymium-iron-boron material is mainly because of the stronger magnetism, such as your company has a need for a special, complex shaped magnets may wish to send drawings to us for you to evaluate, do samples.

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