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Magnet Blog

Common 10 uses of small strong magnets

Small magnets, although the size is small, but for some applications is crucial, especially neodymium small magnets, the next article to talk about the use of these small magnets, are used on what products.

1. Arts and Crafts

Small magnets can be used in arts and crafts. They can be used to connect and combine different materials and components to create unique design and decorative effects.

2. Cabinet

Some businesses use small magnets instead of countersunk holes to keep cabinet doors closed.

3. Close the lid/bag/box

Magnets can be installed on LIDS, bags, various boxes, gift boxes, etc. to keep LIDS closed when not in use, and magnets can also be used for binders and envelopes.

4. Toy

Magnets themselves are not toys, but sometimes they are used inside toys.

5. Music

If it weren't for the small magnets in the pickup, the electric guitar wouldn't be able to make a pleasant sound in a raucous crowd.

4x2mm small round neodymium magnets;

4x2mm small round neodymium magnets

6. Smartphone/iPad

Small magnets are crucial for smartphones and iPads, as they silently work in the phone and are commonly used in speakers, receivers, vibration motors, and protective covers.

7. TWS earphones/Bluetooth earphones

The small magnet used on the wireless Bluetooth headset is mainly round and block, which is used inside the headset and the charging box.

8. Household use

Small magnets can be used in a variety of situations in the home, for example, you can use small magnets to fix notes, photos, memos, etc., to the refrigerator or magnetic surface. Can be used to pick up metal items, such as screws, needles, etc., to make it easier to collect and organize, in handmade and DIY projects, small magnets can be used to connect parts, fixed components, etc.

9. Office space

Small magnets also have a variety of uses in the office environment, for example, you can use small magnets to fix folders or file labels on metal filing cabinets for easy classification and search, and you can use small magnets to fix reminders, memos, etc., on whiteboards, magnetic calendars or metal surfaces to improve work efficiency.

10. Sensors and switches

A small magnet can be used as a trigger for proximity sensors or magnetic switches. When magnets are near a sensor or switch, they sense a change in the magnetic field and trigger the corresponding action, such as opening or closing a circuit.

11. Lamps and lanterns

The main function of the small magnet on the lamp is adsorption, and the cool lamp that Xiaobian bought for the child not long ago is a small thin rectangular magnet.

The above is about the application of small magnets, the above is only part, if you need to buy small thin/flat strong magnets, you can contact us, we can process small magnets with a diameter of 1mm,

Relevant small magnet recommendation;

2mm Suqare Ultra Small Neodymium Magnets 2mm x 2mm x 1mm

1mm diameter thin neodymium magnet round 1mm x 0.4mm

2mm diameter small rare earth magnet disc n45sh - D2x1.5mm

Ultra small flat bread shape strong ndfeb magnets 0.5mm thick

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