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Epoxy magnets are not only black but also many colors

When it comes to epoxy magnets, do you think of rare earth neodymium powerful magnets with a black exterior coating? But did you know that it's not just black, there are many other colors as well, depends on the manufacturer and market demand.

Let's start with a picture of epoxy-coated magnets in various colors

Epoxy magnet color

1. Black: Black is one of the most common epoxy magnet colors because black can be matched with a variety of objects and backgrounds.

2. Gray: Gray is another common epoxy magnet color. It usually presents a neutral appearance and is suitable for a variety of applications, and some bonded neodymium magnets will have a gray epoxy coating.

3. White: White epoxy magnets are often used for applications that require a cleaner or brighter appearance, see the sample white epoxy strong neodymium rectangle magnet 20 x 10 x 5mm

4. Red: Red epoxy magnets are often used for signage or decorative purposes and can attract visual attention.

5. Blue: Blue epoxy magnets are also commonly used for decoration or signage, with strong visual appeal.

In addition to the above colors, there are many other colors of epoxy magnets to choose from, such as green, yellow, orange, etc., if you need to buy this magnet can contact us.

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