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Experience in communicating with foreign trade magnet customers

Foreign trade is actually sales positions that require the use of other languages. Regardless of any industry, communication with customers is crucial for sales. Therefore, communication is not only verbal communication, but also the preparation work done before the negotiation is the key to the success of communication.

First of all, identify the customer identity and screen the customer group image that fits the target market of the company's products.

Overseas magnet buyers are mainly divided into: factories, traders, intermediate traders, terminal sales, capital goods buyers, individual consumers and so on. Different trade companies need different buyers, when we receive the inquiry, our first step is to obtain valid information from the inquiry, and analyze the identity of the inquiry person or what is the level in their company. This also helps us to choose how to communicate so that customers are satisfied.

Secondly, to do a good job of customer back. A good customer back can allow us to avoid many unnecessary misunderstandings in communication, but also let us better understand customer product needs and negotiation habits. The back is not only limited to the customer company and product, but also includes some basic information of the customer himself (but do not pry private information), in particular, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the customer's country has any taboos.

Gray epoxy magnet sample, epoxy comes in a variety of colors.

Gray epoxy magnet sample

Third, identify customer needs.

1. Carefully check the inquiry before quotation or communication details. Do not worry about the communication process, and confirm all the information before communicating with the customer. We need an effective inquiry and our customers need an effective reply.

2. Don't repeat questions that have already been confirmed. No one likes to be asked questions that have already been explained or said. This will only make you appear unprofessional, and it will be difficult for customers to trust your abilities and products.

3. Learn to think ahead of the client. You can think of yourself as a customer, and what information and responses you will need when negotiating and purchasing.

Fourth, prepare the data in advance. We have time difference with customers, in order to better and more effective communication, we can prepare the information in advance.

Warming: complex data can be displayed in table form, which will reduce many problems.

Finally, pay attention to customer dynamics, timely feedback customer needs. Due to the time difference, the working hours of overseas customers are not consistent with those of domestic customers, and sometimes customers may be offline within a few minutes. We respond as promptly as possible and send messages or phone calls whenever customers respond or are online.

This is what I have learned in the past few months. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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