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Can epoxy plating on the magnet surface reduce eddy current losses?

Reducing eddy current losses can improve energy conversion efficiency and reduce energy consumption. It can also reduce the heat generated, reduce the operating temperature of the equipment, in addition will also help to improve the reliability and service life of the equipment, so engineers will think of various ways to reduce the eddy current loss.

See a netizen asked, neodymium iron boron magnet surface epoxy coating can reduce eddy current loss? The following small Fu collated relevant information for you to introduce, I hope to help you, the need for magnet quotes, customization can also contact us.

Black epoxy countersunk magnet ring is shown

Black epoxy countersunk magnet ring

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Magnet surface epoxy coating can reduce eddy current loss?

The answer is yes, but the effect may be effective. Epoxy plating can form an insulating layer on the magnet surface to block the propagation of eddy currents inside the magnet, and this insulating layer can inhibit the formation of eddy currents, thus reducing eddy current losses. This is particularly important in high-frequency applications and high-speed rotating equipment to minimize energy loss and magnet heating.

In addition to reducing eddy current losses, epoxy coated magnets also offer good corrosion resistance, protection of the magnet surface, improved mechanical strength and wear resistance, and aesthetic benefits.

NdFeB epoxy coated magnets can be in other colors such as grey, green, red, blue, etc. in addition to the common black color like the one above.

As a strong neodymium magnet manufacturer, we can provide you with rare earth neodymium magnets with various coatings, properties and sizes, and hope to receive your inquiry.

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