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Special shaped magnets processing process flow

Special shaped magnets, that is, those non-conventional shaped magnets, with special features, belonging to the customized shape irregular shape, mostly customized according to the specific needs of customers for specific scenarios, today to answer you may be concerned about the production and processing process of special shaped magnets.

The process flow of special shaped magnet processing generally includes the following steps:

1. Design: according to the specific needs of customers and application requirements, the design of shaped magnets, including magnet shape, size, magnetic field requirements and other considerations.

2. Material selection: According to the design requirements, select the appropriate magnetic material, commonly including neodymium iron boron (NdFeB), ferrite (Ferrite), and so on.

3. Cutting and molding: The selected materials are cut and molded, usually using laser cutting, wire cutting, grinding, pressing, injection molding and other processes. In this step, shaped shapes of magnets can be realized according to the design requirements.

The picture below shows a neodymium trapezoidal magnet, which is one of the special shaped magnets.

neodymium trapezoidal magnet nickel-plated

4. Surface treatment: According to specific requirements, surface treatment is applied to the magnets. Common surface treatments include nickel-plating, zinc-plating, epoxy-plating, etc. to protect the magnet surface from oxidation or corrosion.

5. Magnetization: Magnetize the magnets after cutting and forming, use magnetizer equipment for magnetization.

6. Testing and quality inspection: Test the completed shaped magnets for magnetic properties, dimensions and salt spray to ensure that they meet the design requirements and quality standards.

7. Packing and Delivery: Pack the shaped magnets that meet the requirements to ensure that they are not damaged during transportation and use. Then deliver them to customers according to the negotiated way.

The process flow for shaped magnets may vary depending on the material and shape, and the above flow is for general reference only.

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