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Is motor magnets chipped a angle still can be used?

The main shapes of motor magnets are rectangular, hollow cylindrical, curved (also known as magnetic tile), etc., is an important part of the permanent magnet DC motor, there are netizens to raise its question motor magnets dropped a corner can still be used? The following permanent magnet manufacturers Courage xiaofu to briefly introduce.

When the magnet of the motor falls off a corner, it will have an impact on its use, its existence is very critical to the normal operation of the motor, therefore, once the magnet is damaged, it is necessary to assess its impact, whether it can still continue to use, it is not absolute, depending on the degree of damage to the magnet and the specific use of the situation.

If the magnet has only dropped a small corner and the remainder of the magnet remains intact, it may not have much effect on the use of the motor. However, it is important to note that even damage to just a small corner may result in an unevenness in the magnetic field, which may cause increased vibration or noise in the motor. In addition, due to the edge orientation of the magnet process, dropping the corner may cause more damage to the magnet, which in turn may affect the life of the motor.

The accompanying picture shows the motor arc segment neodymium magnets


If the magnet falls off at a large angle or causes the magnet to break, then the motor will not operate properly. At this point, it is necessary to replace the magnet with a new one.

To summarize, a motor magnet dropping a corner may affect the use of the motor, and the specific situation needs to depend on the degree of magnet damage. It is recommended to check and evaluate the status of the motor's magnet in a timely manner after the problem is found, and repair or replace it according to the actual situation, so as to ensure the normal operation of the motor and long-term stable use.

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