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Must it be strong neodymium magnet in the motor?

Perhaps a lot of people have questions: It is the motor must have magnets? No, there may or may not be magnets in the motor.

Is there strong magnet in the motor?

Not necessarily. This is determined by the type of motor, some motor is to use strong magnet NdFeb, some motor is common ceramic ferrite magnets, and some motor uses samarium cobalt material.

Motor commonly used magnet shape - neodymium arc segment magnets


Which motors have strong magnetism in them?

Such as: high-grade servo motor, new energy vehicle motor, industrial motor, model motor, voice coil motor (vcm), etc. Ndfeb permanent magnet DC motor has: drive permanent magnet DC motor, permanent magnet DC servo motor, permanent magnet DC speed measuring motor, permanent magnet DC torque motor and so on.

For ferrite arc magnets, because of its very cost-effective, it is used for small micro motor, such as starter motor, 180/260/280/380/540/550 motor, electric tools, household appliances, toy motor and so on.

Below is a small curved ferrite magnet for micromotor;


The above is China's courage magnet supplier Xiao Fu introduced to you the motor must use strong magnet and which motor must use strong magnet material, if you need to buy motor related magnets, we are a good choice.

Other types of magnets commonly used in motor;

Multipole Ferrite Ring Magnet

Multipole Neodymium Magnets

SmCo Arc Magnets

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