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What size permanent magnet can pull 25kg weight?

What size of permanent magnet can pull 25kg? This is the magnetic force related question raised by a customer whom I met recently, here is a brief introduction from Dongguan magnet manufacturer Courage Xiao Fu.

The size of the magnet's magnetic force depends on a number of factors, including the type of magnet, shape, size, configuration of the magnetic field, as well as the distance between the attracted object, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer.

Generally speaking, to suck a 25kg object, you may need a fairly large and powerful permanent magnet, most of which are made of rare earth neodymium, and the following specifications of these magnets can reach a vertical pulling force of 25kg.

The picture shows a ring-shaped neodymium magnet

pull 25kg ring neodymium magnet

1, Diameter 30mm, thickness 15mm round rare earth powerful magnets.

2、Round neodymium magnets with diameter 60mm and thickness 8mm

3, 50x25x12mm rectangular block neodymium magnet.

4、50x50x6mm square NdFeB strong magnet.

5、43x29x11mm neodymium magnet block.

For ferrite magnets, if you want to pull 25kg, the length, or OD size usually needs to be up to 100mm or more, and the thickness needs to be thicker.

So, depending on the material and design, permanent magnet adsorption of 50 pounds of heavy objects need different magnet size, usually in the size range of 2-6 inches to meet.

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