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How thick of an iron blocks the magnetism best?

Just saw a netizen searching for keywords, how thick is the iron blocking force the strongest? Below is a brief introduction from the manufacturer of motor magnetic steel, Courage Xiaofu, on this issue, hoping to be helpful to you.

The blocking effect of iron on magnetic force is very effective, and its blocking ability depends on the thickness of iron. Generally, the larger the thickness of iron, the stronger its ability to block magnetic force.

However, it should be noted that the ability to block magnetic forces not only depends on the thickness of iron, but also on the strength and characteristics of the magnetic field. Therefore, it is not possible to simply provide a specific value for the thickness of iron that can block the strongest magnetic force.

The picture shows neodymium arc segmented magnet magnetic isolation packaging

neodymium arc segmented magnet magnetic isolation packaging

Generally speaking, when the thickness of iron is large enough, it can effectively block magnetic force. But if the magnetic force is very strong, or if the magnetic field has special characteristics (such as a specific shape or direction), a thicker iron layer may be needed to completely block the magnetic force.

In addition, the material and purity of iron also affect its ability to block magnetic forces. High purity iron has better magnetic permeability and permeability, which can provide stronger blocking effects.

So, to determine the most suitable thickness of iron to block the strongest magnetic force, it is necessary to consider the strength of the magnetic force, the characteristics of the magnetic field, and the required blocking effect. In practical applications, experiments and tests can be conducted to determine the optimal thickness of iron to meet specific needs.

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