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Neodymium strong magnet how to magnetic isolation in air transport?

Some foreign customers, in order to shorten the delivery time, ask us whether neodymium magnets can be transported by air. As we all know, the magnetic properties of NdFeb magnets are very strong, and if you take the aircraft, it may affect electronic equipment and even affect the flight, so you need to degaussing the magnets. The so-called degaussing is not the magnetic elimination of the magnet itself as we often say, but the magnetic field distribution of the magnet is changed by the magnetic conductive material to weaken the magnetism. In short, it is magnetic insulation packaging.

Magnetic insulation packaging is usually separated by iron, with six sides fixed in the box, and then packed in pearl cotton bags and cartons, so that it can pass the airline's security inspection.

Neodymium magnet air transport degaussing packaging;

Neodymium magnet air transport degaussing packaging

What is the principle of magnetic insulation?

The principle of magnetic insulation is to shield the magnetic field, which mainly refers to the stable magnetic field or low-frequency magnetic field, relying on the magnetic field loop. If the box is made of a magnetic material with high magnetic permeability, the "magnetic field lines" that would otherwise penetrate the outside of the box are concentrated in the box body material to form a closure, thus greatly reducing the leakage of the magnetic field lines outside the box.

The general method of magnetic isolation:

First, in order to achieve magnetic shielding, the higher the magnetic permeability of the material, the better. The same material, the thicker the better. The same material and thickness, the more layers, the better. In addition, the neodymium magnet should be placed in the center of the shielding box, so as not to have more concentrated magnetic field lines on one side and leak out more.

Second, the material is magnetized. Magnetic conductive materials are always magnetized in a magnetic field, but except for hard magnetic materials, once the external magnetic field is removed, the magnetism is immediately eliminated. Therefore, if the shielding material is made of hard magnetic material and forms a new independent magnetic field, it will affect its effect, which is why the shielding material can only use soft magnetic materials.

Some people may wonder, since the soft magnetic material will also be magnetized in the magnetic field, how to complete the shielding? This is because when the soft magnetic material is magnetized, and the new magnetic field strength generated is completely changed according to the external original magnetic field strength, and then according to the above high-frequency magnetic field shielding principle, which is realized by eliminating each other.

In summary, demagnetization is only a layer of magnetic insulation material on the outside of the rare earth neodymium magnet, which has no impact on itself.

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