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Which side of the magnet should be induced by the Hall sensor?

The Hall sensor is a magnetic field sensor made according to the Hall effect, and many people are curious about which side of the magnet should be induced by the Hall sensor, and we will answer it today.

The Hall effect sensor is activated by a magnetic field, and in many applications, the device can be operated by a single permanent magnet attached to a moving shaft or device, there are many different types of magnet movement, such as "front face", "side face", "push and pull" or "push-push" induction movement, we often see is generally the end or radial surface of the induction magnet, as shown below.

Hall sensor magnet position

For example, when positive detection, the magnetic field is required to be perpendicular to the Hall effect sensing device, and for detection, it should be directed directly towards the active surface and close to the sensor.

When side detection is performed, the magnet needs to be moved across the surface of the Hall element in a lateral motion.

Hall sensors can sense the direction and strength of a magnetic field, not just the magnetic force of a single surface. When the magnetic field is perpendicular to the sensing surface of the sensor, the Hall sensor can measure the strength and direction of the magnetic field. Therefore, the Hall sensor does not specifically sense a certain side of the magnet, no matter which side of the magnet is near the Hall sensor, as long as the magnetic field is perpendicular to the sensor's sensing surface, the sensor can correctly sense the magnetic field.

The above briefly introduces which side of the magnet should be induced by the Hall sensor for you, there is a need to buy Hall induction magnet, welcome to contact Courage magnet manufacturers, we can provide Neodymium magnet, ferrite magnet, samarium cobalt magnet and other magnets

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