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Formula for calculating the pull force of neodymium strong magnets

Many people often ask about the magnet suction question:

1. Can the magnet suction be calculated?

2. How much is the suction(pull) of a certain size Ndfeb magnet (strong magnet)?

3. What is the formula for strong suction?

According to the powerful magnet encyclopedia: Magnetic force of NdFeb magnet is 640 times its own weight, that is to say it can suck up 640 times its own weight. In general, Ndfeb magnets can suck up something is 600 times as heavy as their own weight.

Neodymium block magnet 1-10mm thick;

Neodymium block magnet 1-10mm thick

For example: Block NdFeb magnets grade is: N35; Specification: 30mm x 15mm x 5mm

Calculation formula of Magnet suction: magnet volume x density x 600 (multiples)

1. Magnet density: The density of N35 is about 7.5 g/cm³

2. Magnet weight: Volume x Density (30mm x 15mm x 5mm) x 0.0075= 16.875g

3. Magnet suction: 16.875 x 600=10125g

It can be seen that 30mm x 15mm x 5mm block magnet can pick up about 10.125kg of material.

Of course, this is just a theoretical estimate and may not be accurate, accurate data must be tested in practice to get, Such as the use of tension machine.

On our other website, there is an online tool for calculating the pull of neodymium magnets.

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