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What is the pull force of a 1mm thick neodymium round magnets?

In recent years, Many customers are interested in the suction and weight of 1mm thick NdFeb strong magnet. We often meet some customers to buy thin magnets, such as the thickness of the magnet in 1mm or so. In addition, there are also customize ultra-thin magnets. Today I will introduce it to everyone, hoping to help people who want to know.

1mm thick thin round Ndfeb magnet:

1mm thick round Ndfeb magnet

The following is an example of N35 performance grade round thin neodymium magnet, calculated on the basis of residual induction 11900 Gauss.The suction test is the tensile test of the magnet adsorbed on the 10mm iron plate. The results are for reference only. If you need to know the exact value, you need to conduct actual product measurement.

5x1mm neodymium flat disc magnets center surface magnetic 1700 Gauss, highest surface magnetic: 2137 Gauss / Pull 0.279kg.

6 mm diameter 1 mm thickness disc magnet center surface magnetic 1486 Gauss, Highest surface magnetic: 1969 Gauss / Pull 0.361kg.

8 mm diameter / 1 mm thickness / Center surface magnetic 1168 Gauss / Highest surface magnetic: 1709 Gauss / Pull 0.535kg.

10 mm diameter / 1 mm thickness / Center surface magnetic 974 Gauss / Highest surface magnetic: 1558 Gauss / Pull 0.736kg.

12 mm diameter / 1 mm thickness / Center surface magnetic 831 Gauss / Highest surface magnetic: 1330 Gauss / Pull 0.905kg.

15 mm diameter / 1 mm thickness / Center surface magnetic 668 Gauss / Highest surface magnetic: 1069 Gauss / Pull 1.137kg.

N42 grade 20x10x1mm thin rectangular magnet table magnetic about 880 Gauss, vertical pull about 0.32kg

n42 grade 5x5x1mm thin flat square magnet table magnetic strength of about 1930 Gauss, vertical tension of about 0.2kg

The above is about the pull force of 1mm thick ndFeb strong magnet,, we can customize a variety of performance, shape of the thin NdFeb magnet and thin ferrite magnet (less than 1mm thickness), welcome to consult samples or prices.

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