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What is a radial magnets? What should I consider when buying?

A radial magnets, that is, a magnet that is magnetized in a radial direction, and the strong magnetic surface of the magnet is on the side. Radial magnet can be a variety of materials and shapes, such as ferrite, Ndfeb, samarium cobalt, shape can be round, cylindrical/hollow cylinder, ring, tile, arc and so on. This kind of magnet is used in motor, sensor and other fields.

The following figure shows the radial magnetization diagram of circular/ring/cylinder/arc magnet;

radial magnetization diagram of circular/ring/cylinder/arc magnet

Radial magnets cylindrical display (adsorbed from side to side):

Radial magnets cylindrical

Precautions for buying radial magnets;

1. The main role: the radial magnet is needed to move the object, fix the object or lift the object.

2. The shape of the magnet required: disc, circular, segment or special shape of the radial magnet.

3. The working temperature of the magnet: this is the key point. Because the maximum temperature resistance of different magnetic materials is different, there are also differences in price. If you have any unclear, please consult us.

4. Tolerance: For some precision electronic products, it must keep strict requirements on the diameter tolerance of the magnet, such as only positive 0.03mm , or only negative 0.02mm .

5. Corrosion resistance: If the magnet will be used in humid, corrosive, or chemical environments, you need to choose corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or nickel.

6. Whether multi-pole magnetization is needed, such as radial 4 pole /6 pole /8 pole /10 pole, etc

7. Generally, it is suggested to consider the suction force of the required magnet, the expected price and quantity.

Our company is a magnet manufacturer, according to your product needs to customize different shapes of radial magnets, if you have radial magnet quotation needs, welcome to contact customer service. If you want to view more examples, enter a keyword in the search box.

Recommended hot selling radial magnet products;

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Small diameter radial ferrite cylinder magnet Φ1.8mm x 3.5mm

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