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What are the differences between round magnet with hole and without hole?

Round magnets are mainly divided into with holes and without holes. What are the differences between circular magnet with hole and without hole? In view of this problem, today we will give you a brief introduction.

The main difference between circular magnet with hole and without hole is the appilication. In addition, there are differences in price and performance.

In terms of appilication

For example, you need to fix or set the magnet in the product, you can choose a magnet with a hole, the aperture can be processed by the magnet manufacturer according to their actual needs. The magnet size with holes has three size: the outside diameter, the inside diameter, and the thickness. A round magnet without a hole has only a diameter and a thickness.

In terms of price

Circular magnets with holes because of more drilling this process, so the price is higher.

All kinds of shapes with or without holes magnet we can customize

All kinds of shapes with or without holes magnet we can customize

Magnetic field distribution;

A round magnet with a hole usually has a central hole, while a magnet without a hole is completely closed. A magnet with holes will have some special properties in the field distribution. Specifically, when the hole diameter of the magnet with a hole is relatively small, the magnetic field near the hole will appear concentrated effect, the magnetic field intensity is high; When the hole diameter is larger, the magnetic field distribution is more uniform.

In terms of performance:

From the highest point of the magnetic force, the magnetic force of the middle hole with a hole magnet is greater than the table magnetic drilling.

From the comparison of suction, because the hole is small by magnetic area, so the magnet with holes will be small.

The above is the introduction of the difference between the circular magnet with hole and without hole. If you only want to fix the magnet, you can also choose to stick the back glue on the side of the magnet. According your demand, our company can process the magnet with hole. The shape includes through hole, countersunk hole, small hole and large diameter hole of the circular magnet.

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