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Servo Motor Magnet Material Grade and Shape

Servo motor is a precision control motor, widely used in industrial automation, robotics, precision instruments, aerospace, CNC machine tools and other occasions that require high-precision positioning, fast response and precise torque control, the internal magnet is a key component, as a supplier of motor magnets, today, I will introduce you to the servo motor in the material of the magnet, the performance level and the shape.

Servo motor magnet material type:

Servo motors usually use high-performance permanent magnet materials to make magnets, the most common being NdFeB magnets (sintered and bonded), which are capable of providing a strong and stable magnetic field due to their extremely high magnetic energy product (BHmax), excellent coercivity and good remanent magnetization characteristics.

Common performance grades for servo motors:

Commonly used performance grades of sintered NdFe are 35SH, 38SH, 40SH, 42SH, 45SH, 35UH, 38UH, 40UH, 42UH, and so on.

Commonly used performance grades of bonded NdFeB are BNP-8/10/12

Black epoxy coated servo motor arc magnets

Black epoxy coated servo motor arc magnet

Commonly used shape types for servo motor magnets;

Servo motor magnets are usually designed to match the motor structure with special shapes, such as arcs (sectors, segments), rings, and so on. One piece of arc magnet serves as one pole, and the ring shape is usually a multi-pole structure, such as 8 poles and above.

Servo motor magnets are not only used in servo motor itself, but also can be used in wind turbine, household appliances, new energy automobile motors, industrial automation and robots, etc. Our company is a professional supplier of motor magnets, if you need to process or quote servo motor magnets, please leave us a message, we are looking forward to receiving your inquiry.

Servo motor magnet product recommendation;

OR19 x IR14 x 90° x 10mm servo motor segmented magnet N45H

Bonded ndfeb ring magnets

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