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Customized motor rotor curved magnets, UK customers pay quickly

Quotation sampling motor arc magnets, motor overall multi-pole ring magnets, special shaped segmented magnet sheet, welcome to contact Courage magnet production plant, our company has a wealth of experience in the production of motor magnets, professional and technical personnel, you need to send your magnet drawings to our mailbox.

Nowadays, with the continuous promotion of our website to the outside world, more and more overseas customers find us to customize magnets, mainly focusing on motor type magnets.

The accompanying picture shows a motor rotor arc segmented neodymium magnets, a set of which consists of several pieces.


Some time ago, there is a British motor customers to find us a few customized neodymium-iron-boron tile magnets, because it is to find me, so it is clearer, the customer seems to say that it is used to drive the motor, the specifics we do not understand, but the temperature resistance requirements are quite high, the specified need for neodymium-iron-boron strong magnetic resistance of 200 degrees, the engineering Liu said that fear of time motor failure to produce high temperature burned out the motor, may be one of their motors is more expensive it, plus the proofing, and did not pay back the price, and quick to let their financial side of the payment to the payment.

After the samples are made, we carry out comprehensive performance tests and dimensional inspections in accordance with international standards to ensure that each piece of curved magnet meets or even exceeds the technical specifications set by the customer.

At present, the magnet samples have been done to the customer side of the shipment over the back of the results of how, we now can not say. I hope not to follow no text, can have a good result, after all, so a magnet is not cheap, a small batch down there is a lot of money it, haha!

Like some micro motors, power tool motors, massage motors, etc. will use the ferrite segmented permanent magnets.

The above content is originally edited by China Courage magnets Xiao Fu, welcome to choose us to proof motor rotor arc segmented permanent magnets.

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