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Role of ring magnets on DC motor rotors

In the field of modern technology, DC motors are key electro-mechanical devices that are used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from household appliances to industrial manufacturing. Among them, the ring magnet on the DC motor rotor plays a crucial role in the operation of the motor.

The ring magnet of a DC motor sits on the rotor and is excited by an electric current, creating a constant and stable magnetic field. This magnetic field is the driving force behind the operation of the motor, and it interacts with the magnetic field on the stator to create a torque that pushes the rotor to start rotating.


In the picture above, the magnetic ring on the right side of the rotor is sending a signal to the Hall element to measure the motor speed and determine the rotor position and direction of rotation. There must be two Hall elements on the right end cap of the motor, if there is only one Hall element, only the motor speed can be measured, and the magnetic ring on the wire is to suppress the conduction interference.

As the current passes through the ring magnet, it becomes an electromagnet and produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field attracts or repels the magnetic field on the stator, and this interaction creates a torque that causes the rotor to begin to rotate. The kinetic energy of this rotation can be converted into mechanical work to drive various applications.

The performance of a DC motor depends on the stability of the magnetic field and the design of the ring magnets on the rotor. These magnets must be precisely positioned and secured to the rotor to ensure that a stable magnetic field is continuously generated. In addition, the collector brushes and commutator/brush system ensure that the direction of the current changes with the rotation of the rotor, thus maintaining the magnetic field and allowing the motor to operate stably.

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